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7th October, 2015


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Dance is not the "fountain of youth" entirely, but it CAN be the "source of a healthy lifestyle" & definitely a whole lot of FUN! Here's what's going on with me for remainder of 2015 (this month, Dec): teaching MBW once at (mid-)month at Serenity Life Fitness Center in Zion, IL, on a Sat. 9am Hr.; for 2015 as intro at Vernon Hills Park District, IL, I'm teaching Tues., Dec.21 & (also Tues.) Dec.29, 5:05-6:00pm--but then for 2016, set to regularly teach MBW weekly on Thursdays, 5:15pm...I posted this on my *ZAFIRAH* page the other day: Zafirah to sprinkle some Masala Bhangra *spice* in Lake County, Illinois, this month: Dec. 19, 9a, at Serenity Life Fitness Ctr, Zion; 2-Tues, Dec.21 & 29, 5p, at Vernon Hills Park District, Lakeview Bldg.! Let's do this--BALLE BALLE!!

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