Hosting Opportunities

With Masala Bhangra you can host Instructor (Ambassador) Training sessions as well as Master Classes. Below are the details for both -

Please fill out our online application and we will get back to you shortly.

Benefits of hosting a Masala Bhangra® Master class:

  • Create an event at your facility! Make it a celebration!
  • Masala Bhangra® is guaranteed to have everyone moving, celebrating and to challenge people’s endurance and stamina.
  • Cost will vary.
  • Please call our office for more details at 1-877-4-MASALA (1-877-4-627252)

MB® Event Hosting

Host :
- Training
- Master Class
- Demo
- Workshop

Benefits to hosting a Masala Bhangra® Ambassador training:

  • No cost to you!
  • As a host, your training is complimentary.
  • Take advantage of the hottest cardio-strength workouts around
  • Host facility listing on our website and in our marketing emails
  • Host facility listing in our trade show promotions
  • We offer marketing support (logo, information, artwork for fliers and posters etc)
    that you need for distribution and promotion

Host facility requirements:

  • A room that can fit at least fifteen individuals for a 1-day training comfortably
  • A CD or iPod adaptable sound system
  • Mirrors are necessary
  • Proximity to a major city, sufficient parking and/or public transportation is ideal

Hosting a Masala Bhangra® Master Class:

Host a Master class taught by Sarina Jain, creator of the Masala Bhangra® or one of her exclusive Master instructors.