One on One Teacher Training! - $159

We are excited to announce we have a one on one online Masala Bhangra teaching training!
Our teacher training is unique as you will get to work with a Master Trainer one on one.
Our goal is for you to walk away with an extensive understanding of how to teach Masala Bhangra to your community!

Here is what to expect step by step:

  • Sign up for the MB one on one teacher training
    Once you sign up, you will receive an email acknowledging your enrollment.
  • You will receive a package via email which includes the MB manual, MB Level 1 movements and a MB dvd. You will be given one week to complete your homework.
  • Once completed, you will take a MB quiz. This gets to be done online.
  • After the quiz, you get to set up a one on one Video call with our Master trainers to go over the lecture of the MB training.
  • Once you complete the video training with our Master Trainer, you will be given a week to finish the remainder of the training.
  • You will be asked to submit a 5 min demo of you teaching a Masala Bhangra class. The details will be explained to you on your video call.
  • Upon successful completion and once you join the MBA Network™ (Masala Bhangra Ambassador Network™), you will be able to teach Masala Bhangra (legally)! Happy Teaching! Sharing the Balle Balle love!

Come prepared to ask any and all questions related to the MB teacher training.

We look forward to you joining our team. Balle! Balle!