Masala Bhangra Fall Show 2020

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Namaste MB Tribe!

Hope all of you are well! The past few months have been exciting for me as I plan the celebrations for Masala Bhangra's 20th anniversary! When I started in 2000, I could never have imagined that Masala Bhangra would grow from a fitness class to a genuinely caring community. And you all have been a part of that growth!

I'm writing today to share details on the main event of 2020: our own 75-minute SHOW in June! I would love for you to dance with us.

In the past we have done 15-20 mins performances in group shows, which has rocked our worlds. Our own show will be quite a challenge. I am up for it and hope you are too!

The layout will be different from the past. There will be a Saturday night performance followed by a dance party and a Sunday matinee. There will be some dance numbers with everyone and some dance numbers with smaller groups. Some dance numbers will be new; some will be favorites from years past. And, I'm having costumes made in India to fit each dancer! This is open to anyone and everyone. Please share with your friends or whoever you might think will want to join us!

Please join me and the MB team for this amazing experience!
Here are the details:
Our rehearsal dates will be starting in August 2020.
Stay tune for the dates
$400 (This includes your costume for the show)

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