Resist this weight!
We’re only a few weeks into January and SO MUCH has happened!!
Last week, the United States swore in a new President and the first-ever woman Vice President in the American history - not to mention the first woman of color, and the first half South Asian at that position! If there was ever a cause to jump up, dance, and shout out BALLE BALLE, this is it!!!

Speaking of powerful women, if you haven’t gotten the chance to hear 22-year-old Amanda Gorman recite her Inaugural poem, "The Hill We Climb", STOP whatever you’re doing and watch it RIGHT NOW! So worth it!
These are just two incredible examples of women breaking through barriers of age, race, and gender - reminding us to never let anything or anyone disqualify us from achieving our dreams and changing the world!
Despite all the resistance we've faced this past year, did you know there's a type of resistance that can actually HELP you?? We’ve long known the benefits of cardio, but recent studies show that resistance training can reduce anxiety in young adults by up to 20%...who couldn't use that right now?!
That's why I created the Bar Bhangra Workout! It's time to take your fitness plan up a notch and help you get some much-needed stress relief. (You can purchase the 1-pound bars here) I even made a DVD specifically for all you expectant moms out there! 
Bar Bhangra is no joke and I can't wait for you to give it a try. Until next time, I am sending you a big virtual hug! 
ps. We have a special Bollywood themed class happening this Saturday at 10:30am ET, email us here if you want in.

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