If YOU don't mind, AGE does not matter!  

Awhile back, a student of mine gave me an incredible gift…not an award or accolade of any kind...but a certain comment after purchasing one of my DVDs: “I’m surprised you’re still doing Masala Bhangra and that you’re able to keep things going. Aren't you too old now?

Admittedly, it's tempting to see a comment like this as a criticism...but I also recognized it as an opportunity to further promote my vision!

The whole reason Masala Bhangra was created was to honor my father by helping people stay healthy and fit at any age and fitness level—all while paying homage to my Indian roots. Accessibility, inclusion, and longevity are only a few of the benefits that come with being part of such an incredibly diverse and active family!

Though I can certainly attest to feeling a few extra sensations over the years compared to my 20s (lol), I’ve never felt stronger and more comfortable in my own skin.

I love this quote by George Bernard Shaw: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

How so very true this is!! Take the last two Super Bowls for example:

Last year, a 51-year-old JLo completely lit up the stage with a spicy routine, complete with lifts and backflips. This year, a 43-year-old Tom Brady set the record for the most Super Bowl wins of any person/team in history. Imagine if they had listened to critics and reporters about retiring?? Here are other athletes who challenged age stigmas over the years — some who played well into their 90s!
Are you someone who considers yourself too old to start a new fitness routine? Have you always had a passion for fitness and teaching, but life got in the way? Well know that Masala Bhangra was made specifically for YOU—whether you’re 5 or 65, super fit or on the road to better health. Oh, and if you want to become a Masala Bhangra Instructor, well... YOU CAN! Our virtual instructor training launched in 2020.  It's an amazing experience with the one-on-one training, and you will LOVE it. 

In my book, the only things getting old these days are old mindsets! Go forth and conquer—a whole new exciting chapter awaits!!

Hope to see you in my class this Saturday for some super new fun choreography! Email us here.

Stay safe out there!


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