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Greetings, Masala Bhangra Community!

I hope you’re doing well. If you're anything like me, many of you were hoping to be back to in-studio classes by now, but these variants are consistently throwing a wrench in things. I’m a creator who appreciates teaching in person and presenting at big events, so I’ll be honest…it’s all been a big change.

After countless emails from you, the team and I have strategized constantly. Masala Bhangra is outstanding offline, and we wanted to bring you that same experience online. We didn't want to create just another workout experience. It was important to us that you experience the true Masala Bhangra that you loved.

When the pandemic hit, the entire Masala Bhangra community – students and ambassadors — rallied and rose to the challenge. Thanks to you — many of our ambassadors and myself have continued to teach virtually via Zoom (thank God for this), and we’re still going strong!

But as I mentioned, a year and a half into the virtual routine, many of you have been asking for MORE classes, MORE options, and MORE Masala Bhangra. We understand you may feel worn out, bored with your daily routine, or ineffective at staying motivated. Now we can totally help!

I’m proud to ANNOUNCE to you that we have worked hard to create a program to meet your needs, brings you the utmost joy and adapts to the ever-changing fitness industry and you're invited for a free trial! 
Introducing the ON DEMAND Masala Bhangra Gym! It includes three ways to stay in shape:

1)1 min moves
2)10 min express
3)Go all out with All Star Bhangra (45 mins)

Click here to get your 7-Day Free Trial Here!

This virtual gym is designed for all fitness levels and allows you to dance anywhere, anytime. The routines are super easy to follow and really get your heart pumping—you’ll feel like I am right there with you!!

Katie G signed up for a membership and here’s what she had to say:

“Hey Sarina, I just signed up and clicked around the site.
Sign up: super easy and straightforward, no issues! On demand content: no issues playing the videos and everything was labeled and easy to find. Overall, it’s a very cool idea and I look forward to seeing more content that I can incorporate into my workouts on days when there’s no class :)”

So what do you have to lose, Sarina? Be among the first to try it — your body, mind, and soul will thank you! 

LET’S DO THIS! Balle! Balle!

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